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WOODESK 物得思可木平台計畫

WOODESK = WOOD DESK,我們定義命名為『物得思可木平台』計畫,『物得思可』的意涵是將本計畫得到的台東林務局漂流林做一個更佳的設計思考,進而發揮漂流木的應用可能性,與原民藝術家合作將臺灣原民藝術工藝轉化成置放於公共空間如台東航空站的兼具現代及功能設計作品。


We define the WOODESK project as a design thinking which makes the driftwoods from Forestry Bureau Council of Agriculture in Taitung release the possibility of application, and transforms the art and craft of Taiwanese aborigines to five modern and functional works for the public space such as Taitung airport, with four Taiwanese aboriginal artists.

In this project, CXE DESIGN integrates space, product and graphic design to a sustainable platform, and expects to achieve three purposes: environmental education, cultural aesthetics and public promotion.

More information: WOODESK


Project Details

  • CL: Forestry Bureau Council of Agriculture, Taitung
  • D: Za Num x Yimimg Mafaliu x Ali x Daqui x CXE DESIGN
  • N: Taiwan
  • Y: 2017-2018

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